Wednesday, March 11, 2009

General Update

Well hello everyone, this is Chad.
I am amazed by my wife Naomi's drive and determination to get her schooling finished. She works very hard, we hardly ever see her. She's always off at a coffee shop somewhere study hard. We don't have to much further to go. If we can get through the next few months we'll be on our way. I don't mean on our way back home i mean on our way further into the calling God has on our lives.
sometimes things, situations, and challenges have been difficult here for us. The challenges of raising support, and coming up with tuition is hard hard enough. We are trying to keep our minds on the end goal. That is to have a clinic in a rural area where babies are healed from any sickness, people are set free from any oppression, and people come into a loving relationship with Jesus.
Then there are the challenges of being (for the meantime) a stay at home dad. I started teaching drums and guitar a month ago so that's been good, and I still play sometimes around town. I enjoy my two boys immensely. i started potty training our almost two year old son. He's doing pretty good, other than some number two's on the floor of my side of the bed. Jordan is a sweet handsome young man with limitless facial expressions.
Noah just graduated Nursery, and in the Philippines it has all the pomp and circumstance of a high school graduation. Awards for things like most patients, cooperative, best listening, most neat, most polite, most creative, most active, etc you get the point.
Noah got second honors, which means he received the second highest average in the class. He is as cute as ever and very considerate of others.
So life continues on. We pray dayly for the Lord's guidance and protection. we trust in Him and he believes in us.

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