Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Boys and Girls

So Sheba our Dog had puppies. She had 10 but one died. I've never been apart of this before so it was quite interesting.

And of course our lovely boys

another Long time

Well it's been a while once again since we've updated our blog.
Things have been more on track lately. I (Chad) since we've been back have spending more time at home with the kids. it's been challenging for Naomi to find time at home. At the age that the kids are now they really need at least one of us around.
You know you get here and you think God is telling you all these different things to do when the most important thing is your family. Without your family you are LOST. So the water filters have not been happening. I have still been meeting people of influence and other people concerning the filters, but I have been passing them on to Tim after an initial meeting. I've been told not to go into areas of need due to the dangerous activities of MILF or NPA. Other people have chosen to disregard these suggestions, but I understand the chain of command and no matter how much I would like to run into these areas I will not. God has placed these authorities over us for a reason and though I feel I would be safe in many of these areas I will heed those words. Besides it's only a little while longer until we are out from under neath them anyways. At first I was a little bitter, but then I got over it.
I know that God has called us here for this time. Naomi and I are realizing more and more that we are a team.
My Music ministry has been going well. I still continue to meet many musicians here in Davao. I have recently met a American musician named Geoff Logan and his wife Erica. They are here with YWAM and another group called heartsong international. They record the tribes music and help hem get it to the world to be heard. They have been here the same amount of time we have. He's a great guitar player, as a matter of fact we are recording in a couple of days for some missionary cd for cambodia.

the kids have been real good. Noah is turning into a little Phillipino boy, and Jodan is understanding a lot of Visaya.
I'll post some pictures soon.