Saturday, July 26, 2008

A long awaited update

Wow. April 8th. Sorry guys. No excuses, just being lazy on keeping all of you up to date. I should probably summarize all that has happened since April 8th.

April 15th: I caught my first set of twins, then had the honour of being their wet-nurse for 6days while their mama recovered at the hospital from blood loss. The two precious girls were named 'Cuttie' (3lbs 5oz) & 'Swheety' (5lbs 5oz).

May: Jordan got his first haircut, our class pictures were done and we made preparations for going home. God provided money for us to fly together as a family. We got home and had one of the craziest 5wks ever. It was great to see everyone, but very tiring. Next time we'll make our visit longer ;)

June: We flew home to Davao to begin our house-hunting adventures and my intensive academic catch-up on homework. It was a crazy month. It was also the month Newlife had their second graduating class, the girls of 2008!!

July: I had opportunity to partake in my first outreach. We went to Talikud Island and did about 11 initial prenatals and a whole bunch of well-woman exams, which often became primary healthcare sessions too. Mordegai came back from Cambodia and went with us to pull teeth. He pulled about 150 teeth that day. It was an amazing time and I look forward to my bi-monthly outreaches now to Talikud and Somal Islands.

This month we also found our new home. It is such a blessing to be able to find a home that is not only the right size, but also has a great yard for our kids to play in. It is everything and more than we had asked for. God is so faithful.

Thank you all for your prayers. We'll work on keeping this site more up-to-date.