Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Much has Happened

Life in the Philippines has been very good. I am very busy still with work and school, although I've gotten somewhat of a break academically. Our last assignment was creative art and history of midwifery, so it was a nice way to start off the new year. The present assignment is on Breastfeeding and because I've already done some training in that area I've been able to forego the assignment and actually teach the class instead. Its been wonderful to review and teach. There is much less work involved with teaching than doing the assignment.

So far I've caught 14 babies and enjoy building relationship with the mamas I've worked with. I ended up having two of my continuities be transferred to DMC on the same day. Fortunately we are keeping in touch and one of the mamas came in to visit me today. It was the first time seeing her beautiful daughter and she is lovely. She will continue to do her baby check-ups here at mercy with me. Not only does mercy handle labouring women, but we also take care of accident victims who arrive as you can see in the picture above. This man had fallen off his bike and skinned numerous parts of his body. His elbow needed stitches, so Jonna, one of our supervisors did the honours. Despite the pain this man was in, he was a very happy fellow. It certainly lightened up the mood in the birthroom.

Chad has been playing regularly now on Monday nights. He truly is in his element when he plays and I enjoy going with the 30-something girls to hear him. There are three of us girls who are in our early 30's and we have all bonded very well. We're going to try and make our outings a regular occurrence.

Chad is also gearing up for more water filter work in March. Presently the Stewart's are away, so the water projects are on hold until they get back in late February. Once that gets going again it will be a busy time for Chad

Noah is going through some changes lately which have been challenging. He recently gave one of his classmates a black eye. Quite a surprise to hear for all of us. We dealt with it promptly, Noah has asked his classmate for forgiveness and made her a card apologizing for what he did. We'll be keeping a close eye on his behaviour over the next while. Otherwise his language is developing so well and he is so gentle with his brother. He really enjoys getting on the floor to play with Jordan now. It's wonderful to see the two of them play so well.

Jordan will be walking in a few months. He is 10mos old now. I really expected him to be walking before Noah did, but I don't think that will happen. There is still time to surprise us though. Jordan 'talks' now and is very fast when he crawls. He also plays with our reactions when he is at the top of the marble stairs. He knows if he lifts his hand while placing himself near the edge, we will jump. It makes him laugh. He's quite a tease.

We ended up hiring a new helper. Lea and Ken-Ken decided to move to Lea's sister's home and so we needed another live-in helper. Lea is still with us everyday as well as our other part-time helper. This new girl we have is 16yrs old and quite alone. Her previous employers were so cruel to her sometimes having her malnourished and always severely over-worked. When we heard her story (not through her, but through friends of ours) we couldn't resist and we hired her. Her name is Nikki and she is FABULOUS with the kids. She really plays well with them. She is a hard worker and we are excited to have her become a part of our household.

We have been so blessed to get our Visas taken care of. We also ended up losing our fridge after it died and we had enough provision to purchase a replacement. It was a tremendous blessing and reminder of how God provides for us. You our supporters are incredible and we love you all. We are honoured you are a part of this mission God has placed on our hearts.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Remembering Denver

This morning I arrived on shift to find a non-responsive baby being transferred to DMC. This mama had delivered 5mins before I arrived and it was her third baby. I held the mama's hand and we prayed. She asked me if she had a boy or girl. We told her a boy. I asked her what his name was and she told me his name is Denver. Three hours later the father returned from the hospital with Denver to say the x-ray revealed his heart in the wrong place, all internal organs misaligned, absence of an anus and lungs severely compromised. The hospital had allowed the baby to return to Mercy to be with his mama before he died. He was breathing weakly. We surrounded her and her baby boy with prayer and he died in her arms at 9:45am. He was beautiful.

Please pray for this family as they mourn the loss of their baby Denver.