Sunday, December 09, 2007


Hello everyone. Chad here.
I embarked on two new ministry projects this last week. One was building a concrete water filter with Mr. Tim Stewart and the other was traveling to a nearby community to do some teaching on worship and music. The water filter project was good for me. It gave me some hope that I'd be doing more things here. We will be sending water (after testing) to communities in need. Generally the water is very good here; however after a heavy rain, the sediment comes and people are sick for about a week after that. The first filter we built was a dud, but the second one after some modifications was a success. I think we plan on building at least one a week and as the demand grows so will the production.

Next we have Calinaan. Calinaan is a community north of Davao city proper about an hour away. I took Noah with me just this past week. The weather is a bit cooler there, because it sits at the base of a mountain. We stayed at my friend Sadoc's father in-law's house. His name is Fred Sicat. He has planted over 100 churches on the island of Mindinao. he has about 4 hecters of land that his entire family lives on. They farm fish and animals. Noah fed the fish and goats and had lots of fun with the local kids. I took on the challenge of fixing the drum set. After making it sound better I held a music clinic and talked about purpose of worship.

Here in the Philippines music for the most part is loud and timing is poor. So guess what else we talked about? Hopefully there is a better understanding now that louder doesn't always mean better. We also took time to discuss what music and worship meant to them, how to sound good, timing, dynamics, form etc. The talk and clinic was really well received. There are over 1000 youth in this church, and most of them play either music or sports. That night I played for their Friday night service. For the first time they could actually hear everything in the band. It's funny when you make the drums actually sound good, what a difference it makes. Ha Ha.

Anyway, the time in Calinaan went really well. I have been given free reign to discuss and preach anything that is on my heart there. I'm excited about this door God has opened for me.

Naomi is doing well. It's a lot of work that she has to do. I think she's feeling overwhelmed some days. Please keep her in your prayers.

Jordan is crawling and falling everywhere. Noah is three and testing his boundaries, but he probably still the most well behaved boy I've ever met (I'm bias of course).