Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two Shoulder Dystocia's in a row

That's right. Right in the middle of my assisting run I encountered two identical scenarios of shoulder dystocia, where the baby's shoulder gets stuck on the mother's pubic bone once the head is out. It was even with the same midwife both times. Each time it left me a little floundering with what to do and fortunately there were some amazing Filipina midwives to jump in and 'come to the rescue'. I am quickly learning about many things involved in the birthroom. Back home I'd only witnessed one shoulder dystocia and it was managed in the hospital by an OB. The babies in both these cases were just fine and did very well. Neither mom had any complications either. I need to remind myself to pray more in those scenarios too. The Filipina's are such a blessing and we are learning so much from them.

Chad did his first sermon on Sunday afternoon at our new 'split' church. We're not sure if it's permanent or not for us to stay, but right now that is where we feel God wants us. The teaching went well and it was great to see Chad doing another part of ministry he is so gifted at. God has opened so many doors and it's exciting to see each of us grow from the experiences. Not all of them are easy though.

I have taken my first continuity and I should be in the catching phase of my training by the time she delivers in January. She is a very sweet girl having her second baby. She is only 16yrs old. I am hoping to have the opportunity to build a good relationship with her and really minister to and get to know her and her family. I saw her briefly yesterday and she'll be back again in 8wks. We've been cutting the number of visits for healthy pregnancies, because we have so many mamas to see. The clinic seems to have been having a birth room blitz lately with as many as six babies being born on one eight hour shift. Considering we only have five birth beds and five postpartum beds, this is quite a lot. It's really funny how it seems to have seasons of being really slow and seasons of being just insane.

Our kids are doing great. Ken-ken and Noah love playing together and the dog is getting more exercise too with them running around. Jordan is so content and just adorable. I do miss them with school keeping me so busy. They will be little for only a short time.