Thursday, June 28, 2007

Official Resident Wet-nurse

Well I've seen two births, one which was smooth and easy, the second also smooth until the placenta was delivered, then there was hemorrhaging like I've never seen before. The mom was a first time mom and she pushed like a PRO. She had such control, then it totally went sideways at the end, right down to getting a 3rd degree tear because of baby's hand being up by his face, to needing a transfer the following morning for severely low blood pressure. The hospital these poor women get transferred to is rumoured to be just AWFUL. The midwives and students hate having moms get transferred, but we cannot send them anywhere else, because they can't afford the care. The clinic does everything in its power to keep moms and babies with them, but sometimes there is no other way.

The case of the wet-nurse title came when I had one of the midwives ring our doorbell this morning with a babe in her arms who was less than 1hr old. This little boy's mom had to be transferred for retained placenta, and he was hungry. I happily took him and gave him second best to his mom's colostrum. He ate very well and got his fill. Hopefully this little babe will be reunited to his mom soon.

Noah and Jordan are adjusting very well and Noah is making lots of new friends with the two families already in Davao for their training at Newlife. Both Chad and I are very excited about the families we've met and look forward to the arrival of Tim and Bethany from Vancouver. They will be arriving on July 9th. It's been interesting to learn that all of us are on the same page in our walk with Christ and we will be starting up some sort of small group during the week so we can grow and encourage each other on this amazing journey God has placed all of us on.

Tomorrow will be my first 'shift' at the clinic. I'll be there from 6am - 2pm. Hopefully it'll be busy. I have three more births to observe before I'm allowed to start charting. They really throw you into things here. It's an amazing place to learn.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

God's Favour, Colourful Streets and Some of the Craziest Driving We've Ever Seen

Well we made it in one piece!! We are in Davao and WOW what an experience. Our flights went very smoothly and immigration was a breeze. We couldn't have it be ABSOLUTELY perfect, so we did include a pee accident on our flight as well as pooping on the change mat mid-air to Manila. All our luggage arrived intact and our stroller even made it with hardly a scratch. Both Noah and Jordan did marvelous on the flights and Noah got a tour of the cockpit during our domestic flight to Davao.

When we arrived Jenn, Jo and their troupe of seven children, along with Matt the director of the school were there to meet us outside. We had our first cultural experience with two porters at the airport who took our luggage for us, then awaited payment. Of course Chad didn't have anything smaller than $5US, but Matt stepped in and made sure they were paid "appropriately". He explained that if we had paid them the $5US we would have been giving them roughly two days wages. These porters are famous for targeting tourists and will even go so far as to make claims for charges which don't even exist.

Once the porters were paid their rightful amount we all piled into the truck (well not all of us, but us four and Matt) and headed to Matt & Krys' home about 20mins away. The drivers there are CRAZY. People tailgating, cutting in front of each other within inches, honking your horn to cut in front of oncoming two lane traffic to make a left turn, etc. Pedestrians I have learned, have no right of way, but if a driver hits one he/she is fully responsible for their medical bills as well as lost wages. In some ways it makes sense how they "just drive" here, but it certainly would not translate well in our Canadian culture.

When we arrived at the McNeil's home they immediately made us feel very welcome and expressed they want us to relax as much as possible and take our time moving into our place. We did get to see our new home. It is very nice with stone floors and rich mahogany trim. I am looking forward to getting settled. We are also literally 10 steps from the clinic. I got a tour of the clinic and was pleasantly surprised at how large it was. It's certainly not BC Women's, but they have quite a bit of space. I am welcome to get started on rotations as soon as I feel ready and I'm feeling pretty keen to get started, but I also know I need to relax and take things one step at a time.

This evening the single students invited our whole family over for a dinner with them. We were served Indian food and it was delicious. It was great to hear the stories of how things run at the clinic and how they enjoy the program. There has been nothing but praise for the school and how it's run. Everyone expresses it is a lot of work and quite intense, but they really enjoy it.

God has been so good in our process to get here. With the families coming in for this semester we know God has some exciting things in store for all of us this year. Both Chad and I look forward to drawing closer to him in this calling He has put on our lives.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Four More Sleeps

We're four sleeps away from our flight to Davao City, Philippines. Preparations seem to be falling into place and God has given us so much Grace to get through this time. Both Chad and I are looking forward to arriving to the Philippines for some much needed rest. We'll get about 2 1/2mos of rest before school starts. It'll be interesting to see how we adapt to this new culture we're going into. I do hope to be on clinic rotations though to get some experience and get into the flow of things before the 'back-to-school' shock I anticipate I may go through.

The boys have been doing very well. Noah is a little confused about why we can't go home, but he's settling in nicely at Papa and Grandma B's house.

Our support is coming together. On June 2nd we had our benefit concert with Russ Rosen, Chris Janz, Badgentina & the Wildings. It was a great show and we brought in a few more monthly donors as well as more one-time gifts to get our initial expenses met. We still have a little ways to go, but we Trust the Lord's provision for this calling. We've come so far already. His favour seems to be all over this calling and we've been blessed by so many people we both know and don't know.

Once we arrive to Davao we'll have a whole new story to tell. We'll be keeping you all up-to-date.