Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chaos, Mastitis & Postpartum Blues

The house looks like a tornado ran through it and both Chad and I don't even know where to start. The worst part of the job will be pricing everything we have for sale. It truly is amazing how much one collects even only in a few years. Chad and I are pleased with how little we're emotionally attached to. Our focus is to get to the Philippines now and we will use whatever we have to meet that goal. At the same time we want to be cautious to not get rid of things too hastily and keep the things we truly treasure.

Well at the three week mark of Jordan's birth I got nailed with a smokin' case of Mastitis. Some say it will broaden my experience for when I become a midwife, and some say it is an attack of the enemy. I agree with both statements. The blues hit hard when I was putting make-up on in the van on week three and one day as Chad, my doula Tracy and myself were driving to Abbotsford for a Breast Cancer Tea fundraiser. Here I am putting blush on and I start crying for no reason at all. I then promptly laughed at myself, which is also what I did when I had my crash day after Noah's birth.

Chad and are so close to leaving now and the amount which needs to be done is at this point seems overwhelming. I know we will pull it off with God's grace and annointing of productivity. Everything will come through.

Keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

11 Days Postpartum

Our little Jordan is doing very well. He is a delight. We're 11 days now after the birth and life has been getting back into busy mode. We had our first two nights to 'nest in' with Jordan while Noah stayed at Papa & Grandma Bjorgan's house. Noah had a great time, was spoiled rotten and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Both Chad and I were ready for him to return though after two days. We missed him very much.

Noah had a period of adjustment four days after the birth, which totally caught us off guard. With the foster babies we had no problems with him adjusting, but Noah realized this baby was
different somehow and didn't respond entirely well to it. We had some pee 'accidents' on Easter Sunday and Monday, but since then it's been good. Noah is very gentle with Jordan and loves showing him his toys. One big hit, was Jordan got Noah a new Buzz Lightyear doll. Jordan is definitely in the good books with him now:). As some of you know Buzz is Noah's favourite superhero. Noah really is a wonderful big brother. Jordan is very fortunate to have him around.

It was surprising to me how little emotional adjustment there was this time with having Jordan. What a difference from the first time. I guess once you've had a baby your body remembers the hormonal roller-coaster it had the first time and takes things more in stride. It has made it easier to deal with all we're managing.

We have only 8wks or so before we leave for Davao City, Philippines and we have a lot to do. I'm trying to make lists of what needs to get done, but some days it seems overwhelming. I don't know where to start. Please pray for swift order in our home and quick progress for our organizing tasks. With a second baby in the picture we need to be more diligent and plan efficiently.

I did go over our financial picture in our Newlife preperations with Chad today and both Chad and I are amazed at how far we've come. We've nearly accomplished half of what our target goal is in the last two months. We have two more months to go and we have faith and confidence God is going to see this through to the end. This calling is certainly a challenge of our faith. God is so faithful. He is the Great Provider!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jordan Has Arrived

Jordan Levi Bjorgan finally made his long awaited arrival on Tuesday April 3rd, 2007 at 6:05pm. My labour began around 9am on this beautiful, warm Vancouver sunny day. At first I was thinking it might be another preterm start that would die out, but by 12pm I was realizing the contractions weren't getting weaker, although they weren't quite patterned yet either. Chad was out that morning at the weekly pastoral meeting at our church, then had a few errands to run after that. I kept in touch with him on the phone and told him it looked like today was the day!! I spent the day working around the house to get it tidied up before the birth and I set Noah down for his afternoon nap, so I could get even more accomplished. By this point it was around 2pm and I got some more solid signs of delivery being imminent. One of the signs was I enjoyed the ball in front of the sunny window and "needed" to be there every time a contraction came. By 4pm when Chad arrived home things took a good turn. My contractions were very strong and they were now coming nearly five minutes apart, but were still short. Being GBS + I knew it would be good to have the midwife come sooner, rather than later to give me my IV Penicillin, so she said she was on her way. We then called our birth team to head over. Traffic at this time in Vancouver is NOT GOOD, so by the time everyone did finally arrive I was feeling a bit anxious for the extra help. We had my amazing Doula Tracy, and dear friends Bethany, Carolyn and Carmen present. Tracy was much needed physical support to me and Bethany was amazing practical and prayer support. Carolyn was another one on the prayer team and made sure this amazing event was caught on tape. Carmen was our brilliant photographer and another prayer warrior for this incredible birth.

Bethany was the first to arrive, so we got her working on decorating Jordan's birthday cake. I had made the lemon cream cheese icing, then became 'fed up' with knowing if it tasted right or not, so Bethany came to the rescue and assured me it was great. The next to arrive was Carmen and by this point I was in the tub and my contractions were coming very fast. She immediately started taking photos, some of which you are seeing here.

My doula Tracy and Carolyn, with 6wk old baby Donovan arrived next. I think it was around 5:25pm. I was in the tub and my labour at this point was very intense. Around 5:30pm my midwife arrived and she came in to see me and asked if she should just call in the second midwife. I told her "yes"! Our midwife didn't even get time to give the hospital a heads-up on the birth and had barely enough time to set up her equipment. The IV penicillin wasn't going to happen. At 5:45pm I got out of the tub and at 5:50pm my waters broke, SPLAT, up against the bathroom wall. I then began feeling pushy. Tracy got me back into the tub and we were calling Chad over, because I was pushing without question!!

While in the tub I wasn't comfortable. Because things were moving so quickly the pool wasn't quite ready yet either, but I made the decision to move to the pool anyway to give us more room and be more comfortable myself. It didn't take long and at 6:05pm (15mins after the waters broke) with Graham Ord's "Praise the Lord oh my Soul" playing in the background, our little baby boy Jordan was born. I was on my hands and knees, guiding out his head and he was caught by Chad with some assistance by Sarah our wonderful midwife. It was an amazing and very God breathed experience. My birthing team was incredible!! All of them. Our second midwife Terry Lyn arrived about 10mins after the birth. When everything was settled Jordan was weighed in at a whopping 5lbs 10oz. The entire experience was more than I could have asked for. God is so good and certainly knows the desires of mine and my husband's hearts.

Thank you to everyone again for all your prayers.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Still Waiting

It's official!! This will be an April baby. We're four days overdue now and still awaiting our little boy's arrival. I've got the house all ready to go and now I just feel like I'm waiting for labour to start. Often by the end of the day I find myself bored and somewhat frustrated things haven't gotten going. We're praying for a morning start and evening finish. Wouldn't that be convenient?

Besides waiting for baby, this week has been fairly good. Chad was quite sick, which wasn't so great, but we were blessed with some of our monthly support coming in. The timing couldn't have been better. God is so gracious and full of many surprises. We've now come to $660 of our required monthly support with only about $1000 to go and then we'll have met our goal!!

It occurred to me just yesterday we only have about 10wks before we leave for the Philippines. I put it into perspective by telling Chad that it will pass as quickly as going from 30 - 40wks of pregnancy, if not faster. That's rather scary!! We're getting quite excited though and things are moving along. Once this little baby arrives we'll be sending out another batch of letters to all our friends and family along with the birth announcement.

We look forward to our next post including a picture of our little baby.