Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby's Coming Soon!!

I'm 39wks along today and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our precious baby boy. We're doing what we can to prepare Noah for witnessing baby's arrival and I'm busy nesting and getting the house all ready for the birth. I even went so far as to take Q-Tips to the grooves in the window sills to clean them out. Yup, baby will be coming into a clean house:)

On Tuesday, BC Women's top perinatologist saw our growth ultrasound from that day and told us we don't need to worry about returning for further checks on baby. He is doing very well and is completely normal. He no longer has any sign of assymetrical IUGR. God is so good!

Our plans for the Philippines are still chugging along slowly, but surely. We have our house lined up and we have our furniture moved in (thanks to the incredible directors of Newlife). We're still praying for the money to come together to book our plane tickets and get our first semester of tuition. We trust God will handle that for us. There are many other odds and ends which need to be met also, but God is having money show up in the mail and presenting us with surprise donors too. It's incredible to see how He provides for our needs and the calling He's placed on our lives.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby is Growing Well

Both Chad and I have been so much more at ease now that we have had confirmation that baby is growing well. The OB and our midwives have said we can go forward with our homebirth plans and now that we're at 37wks we're in the clear. We praise God this news has come to us. The worry is now over.

Last night Chad had a HUGE gig which holds much potential for our future. I will post pictures soon. It was with Colin Janz, an amazingly versatile musician. Chad's drumming as usual was superb. It was a showcase for private investors and we should have a better idea of how this will affect us hopefully in a week or two. We'll let you know:).

Friday, March 02, 2007

The News Was Good!!

Today we saw the OB and she was happy with how healthy baby seemed to be and even admitted all of this fuss could possibly be due to genetics. Amniotic fluid levels were perfect, she said his physical profile was perfect and he was growing well. The belly is still small, but she agreed I didn't have to go to non-stress tests twice per wk. We compromised at once per week with the continuation of follow-up growth ultrasounds once every two weeks. She said as long as the midwives were comfortable with it, we could proceed with a homebirth. HOORAY!! PRAISE GOD!! The OB also did an ultrasound in her office and she got a wonderful angle of baby's face. He was opening and closing his mouth drinking the fluid. He was very happy and active. This pleased all of us. He is very cute, but I'm biased:)

Thank you for all your prayers. Please pray his growth continues at the same rate.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

We Wait with Great Anticipation

This night has been so slow. I even sent Noah to bed at 7pm absolutely sure it was after 8pm. Tomorrow is a big day for Chad and I. We see the OB to discuss what is happening with baby and how she feels about how the birth should proceed. We are praying she will say everything is fine and we can plan our homebirth, but she may want to induce as a worst case scenario. We have to trust God is in control. I feel like I've grown a lot and I know the baby has been doing well and is very active inside. He is definitely more busy than Noah was at this time. I will post the outcome tomorrow.