Wednesday, March 11, 2009

General Update

Well hello everyone, this is Chad.
I am amazed by my wife Naomi's drive and determination to get her schooling finished. She works very hard, we hardly ever see her. She's always off at a coffee shop somewhere study hard. We don't have to much further to go. If we can get through the next few months we'll be on our way. I don't mean on our way back home i mean on our way further into the calling God has on our lives.
sometimes things, situations, and challenges have been difficult here for us. The challenges of raising support, and coming up with tuition is hard hard enough. We are trying to keep our minds on the end goal. That is to have a clinic in a rural area where babies are healed from any sickness, people are set free from any oppression, and people come into a loving relationship with Jesus.
Then there are the challenges of being (for the meantime) a stay at home dad. I started teaching drums and guitar a month ago so that's been good, and I still play sometimes around town. I enjoy my two boys immensely. i started potty training our almost two year old son. He's doing pretty good, other than some number two's on the floor of my side of the bed. Jordan is a sweet handsome young man with limitless facial expressions.
Noah just graduated Nursery, and in the Philippines it has all the pomp and circumstance of a high school graduation. Awards for things like most patients, cooperative, best listening, most neat, most polite, most creative, most active, etc you get the point.
Noah got second honors, which means he received the second highest average in the class. He is as cute as ever and very considerate of others.
So life continues on. We pray dayly for the Lord's guidance and protection. we trust in Him and he believes in us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Boys and Girls

So Sheba our Dog had puppies. She had 10 but one died. I've never been apart of this before so it was quite interesting.

And of course our lovely boys

another Long time

Well it's been a while once again since we've updated our blog.
Things have been more on track lately. I (Chad) since we've been back have spending more time at home with the kids. it's been challenging for Naomi to find time at home. At the age that the kids are now they really need at least one of us around.
You know you get here and you think God is telling you all these different things to do when the most important thing is your family. Without your family you are LOST. So the water filters have not been happening. I have still been meeting people of influence and other people concerning the filters, but I have been passing them on to Tim after an initial meeting. I've been told not to go into areas of need due to the dangerous activities of MILF or NPA. Other people have chosen to disregard these suggestions, but I understand the chain of command and no matter how much I would like to run into these areas I will not. God has placed these authorities over us for a reason and though I feel I would be safe in many of these areas I will heed those words. Besides it's only a little while longer until we are out from under neath them anyways. At first I was a little bitter, but then I got over it.
I know that God has called us here for this time. Naomi and I are realizing more and more that we are a team.
My Music ministry has been going well. I still continue to meet many musicians here in Davao. I have recently met a American musician named Geoff Logan and his wife Erica. They are here with YWAM and another group called heartsong international. They record the tribes music and help hem get it to the world to be heard. They have been here the same amount of time we have. He's a great guitar player, as a matter of fact we are recording in a couple of days for some missionary cd for cambodia.

the kids have been real good. Noah is turning into a little Phillipino boy, and Jodan is understanding a lot of Visaya.
I'll post some pictures soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A long awaited update

Wow. April 8th. Sorry guys. No excuses, just being lazy on keeping all of you up to date. I should probably summarize all that has happened since April 8th.

April 15th: I caught my first set of twins, then had the honour of being their wet-nurse for 6days while their mama recovered at the hospital from blood loss. The two precious girls were named 'Cuttie' (3lbs 5oz) & 'Swheety' (5lbs 5oz).

May: Jordan got his first haircut, our class pictures were done and we made preparations for going home. God provided money for us to fly together as a family. We got home and had one of the craziest 5wks ever. It was great to see everyone, but very tiring. Next time we'll make our visit longer ;)

June: We flew home to Davao to begin our house-hunting adventures and my intensive academic catch-up on homework. It was a crazy month. It was also the month Newlife had their second graduating class, the girls of 2008!!

July: I had opportunity to partake in my first outreach. We went to Talikud Island and did about 11 initial prenatals and a whole bunch of well-woman exams, which often became primary healthcare sessions too. Mordegai came back from Cambodia and went with us to pull teeth. He pulled about 150 teeth that day. It was an amazing time and I look forward to my bi-monthly outreaches now to Talikud and Somal Islands.

This month we also found our new home. It is such a blessing to be able to find a home that is not only the right size, but also has a great yard for our kids to play in. It is everything and more than we had asked for. God is so faithful.

Thank you all for your prayers. We'll work on keeping this site more up-to-date.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Installing Filters 2

A continuation of pictures from the previous blog. Enjoy!!

Installing Filters

Ok so we started going full boar in installing water filters. Many people just outside the city have to pay for their drinking water. We are helping them change that. They use there own well water and within a day it's 50% cleaner.
We are not only installing them but also training the people how to install them, so that they can do it themselves and serve other communities in their region.

Bio Filters

Well the water filter project is cruising along. For those of you who don't know I have been working with Tim Stewart on the Bio water filter project. We are giving the technology for clean water to areas of the Philippines that need it the most.
I recently made contact with a group called TRI-CON tribal concern. They help with the development of tribes in indigenous areas of Mindanao. They are a group that help the tribes understand their rights and the policies in place for the land that they have been living on for hundreds of years. Big corporations want to take that land away from the people for commercial use.
I was invited to a seminar that TRI-CON was doing (very last minute) to share with the tribes what we could offer in the way of clean water. The tribes represented were Bla-an, T'boli-ubo, and Manobo Dulangan and some in the area of Tiboli. These are mainly Muslim tribes. There were also many people that just showed up with their own stories of life for their communities. It was a very emotional time. After I gave my presentation there were many questions. I only planned on presenting the opportunity. I didn't expect an overwhelming response adding over an hour to the time. One lady said that there were 106 children that died in her community in 2006 due to dirty water, and the stats have only increased since that time. Another local government official said that no one has tried to help them in the area of clean water. These are places in the middle of nowhere with no electricity and no running water.
This time was very interesting and educational. I had been out in the BUK (jungle) before on other outreaches, but never as far away as this meeting was. We were 6 hrs away from home in S.Cotobato. This whole area is 90% Muslim. It was an eye opening trip that allowed me to see some of the realities these communities face. People are dying and thank the Lord, He has given us a way we can help.
On another fun note: the area we were in happened to be the Talapia (species of fish) capital of Mindanao. I also had an opportunity to play for the first time ever the Gong drums. These drums are made of solid brass and indigenous to this area. The video of my first attempt at it is below. In case you think I was kidding about being in or near a jungle, I took a picture of a monkey for you too:)
You can tell the condition of the "resort" that we stayed in. The toilet facilities were exceptional. Nothing like a squatty potty to relieve yourself;) It's not exactly the Fairmont or for that matter a Motel 6 on the outskirts of Spuzzum. I did suffer two days later from the trots after that trip. The bacteria there is obviously different than where we live. All part of being a missionary in a third world country. Cheers